Top 10 Affordable Makeup Products Every Woman Will Love

The makeup industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Almost everyday there is something new in the market to try. However, there are few makeup products for women to which any lady swears by because she knows they are her must have. So, here are 10 beauty products that can be part of your makeup box without costing you a fortune : 

Lipstick Alert 

Ladies’ first love, lipstick holds the top position on the ‘makeup products for every woman’ checklist.

The Urban Safari color riche lipstick, forming part of Balmain’s limited edition with L’Oreal Paris is a color that can be carried on a sunny day as well at an evening party. Combine it with bold and dark eyes and you are set to take every man’s breath away.

Urban Safari Matte Lipstick⋅ LOreal Paris X Balmain

Eye Shadow Glam 

It cannot be denied that nudes are having their time now, be it for lipstick or eye shadow. Check out Maybelline Gigi Hadid Eye Shadow Palette for a minimal glam look. Perfect for all – natural afternoon look or  a sultry smoky eye for the night.

Eye Shadow Palette⋅ Maybelline Gigi Hadid

Conceal It All 

Concealer is one of the most important makeup products for every woman. It hides blemishes, calls for an even skin tone and make skin appear supple with zero signs of imperfection.

Blendable Concealer⋅ LOreal Paris

Pearl Finish Compact

This vitamin E enriched and slow-baked dome face powder holds low-level of pearlized pigments and, thereby, it will not let your face shine like a light. It will spread evenly throughout the skin while giving it a dimensional appearance.

Mineralize Skinfinish Compact⋅ M.A.C

All Black Kohl Effect

Ladies, your cosmetic kit is incomplete without kajal or kohl pencil. This is what defines your eye and adds volume to it in a subtle manner. And the best part is, it comes first on the list of affordable makeup products every woman needs.

You can count on Estee Lauder Pure Color Blackened Black Intense Kajal Eyeliner for all day fresh look. This duo pencil has a smudger on one end, and blackened black color on the other to give your eyes a boost.

Kajal Eyeliner⋅ Estee Lauder

Magic Of Mascara

One of the most important grooming item for any lady to look her best and confident. Bobbi Brown ToGo Smokey Eye Mascara is your go to in this case as it lengthens and fans the eye lashes to perfection.

Smokey Eye Maskara⋅ Bobbi Brown

Cleanser Is A Must

A pore deep purifying cleansing gel is necessary to let your skin get rid of pollutants, dirt and makeup. Clinique City Block Purifying Charcoal Cleansing Gel is all natural charcoal gel which makes your skin breathable.

Charcoal Cleansing Gel⋅ Clinique

Soothing Skin Lotion 

Forest Essentials’ Light day lotion does wonders not only for your skin but also makes you feel fresh. Its divine smell, calming lavender water, stimulating oil of neroli with regenerative and healing properties hydrates the skin.

Light Day Lotion⋅ Forest Essentials

Flawless Face Toner 

Toner is necessary for your oily or acne prone skin. Use it gently to get away with oil and traces of dirt.

The Toner⋅ 3INA

Pastel Nail Enamel 

Ladies go gaga over nail paints and this smooth, glossy color 3INA nail polish must form part of a woman’s makeup kit. So, when you buy makeup products online don’t forget to add this one to the cart.

Nail Polish⋅ 3INA