Top 10 Lip Colors To Flaunt This Summer

Summer time is about lots of shades and colors. You can flaunt them via your dresses, accessories or even lipstick. From cool colors to glossy warm lipstick shades, everything should form part of your makeup kit. However, you make sure to wear the right color at the right time i.e. day or night. Here is our take on top lip colors for summer:-

Dimension With Red Lipstick

No summer lipstick shade kit is complete without the power of red color and Maybelline Gigi Hadid red lipstick is here to complete it. A red lipstick is necessary as it adds dimension to the lips.

Gigi Hadid Red Lipstick ⋅ Maybelline

Nude Lip With Pink Print

If beauty is all about muted, barely pink lips for you then this pink print from M.A.C is what your lips need. They are ideal if you wish to wear nude lips all day. 

The Pink Print ⋅ M.A.C

Kill With Rum Raisin

A rum raisin lip color pout contrasted with a bright eye job is the badass look that you can carry to your next night out. Bobby Brown brings you this creamy, semi-matte lipstick for a killer smile.

Rum Raisin Lip Color ⋅ Bobby Brown

Inspired By Tropical Flower

What can be more seasonal for a lip color to flaunt this summer than one with a tropical flower tone. If you love playing with colors, then matte lime magenta lipstick from The Body Shop is for you.

Matte Lime Magenta Lipstick ⋅ The Body Shop

The Color Of Metallic Addiction

If you are looking for a spring summer trendy lipstick color, then this Metallic Addiction, Rose Champagne from L’Oreal Paris should be your call. It features the shimmer of pearl, lame pigment. It compliments every skin tone, giving metallic and lustrous lips.

Color Riche Metallic Addiction, Rose Champagne ⋅ L'Oreal Paris

Pinch Of Purple

Are you looking for a dark color to channel your inner vamp? This rich purple color lipstick infused with pure pigments and camellia oil is perfect to showcase your emotions. Its moisturising matte finish will never let you lose your cool factor.

Color Riche Matte Lipstick ⋅ L'Oreal Paris

Vinyl Shine From Vibrant Color

For those time when even every hue looks kind of blah, this brown color lip gloss will not disappoint you. Thanks to hydrating oil, it is primed to stay on lips without getting dry.

Lip Gloss ⋅ 3INA

Kissable Soft Balm

Half lipstick and half balm, this crush pigment loaded stays on your lip till you apply ultimate swipe and go formula. The balmy nature of this Grenadine shade keeps your lips hydrated and soft.

Grenadine Crushed Lip Color ⋅ Bobbi Brown

The Unique Factor

If there isn’t much of a reason to buy this then purchase it for having something unique in your makeup box! Its ripe popy color and built-in primer is enough to click on the shop now button.

Ripe Pop Liquid Matte With Primer ⋅ Clinique

The High-Class Of Coral 

Coral lipstick shades are fashionably elegant and trendy to wear like this one. Peach coral is the name. This is one of the sexiest amongst coral lip shades and comes with warm undertones and a natural sheen.

Bite O Georgia Lipstick ⋅ M.A.C