Things You Need To Host The Perfect Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunches are all about cocktails, conversations and yummy in your tummy. They allow you to spend a cozy, chilled out afternoon in with your close family and friends, and it can last for as long as you want. So the next time you’re planning to host one, you know what to shop online, for a sunday brunch that everyone will always remember.  

Glass Dispenser 

Fill it up with chilled sangria or strawberry lemonade, it’s your call. But this is just right way to do it! The tiny little chalk board adds a fun element to this jar making it the perfect accessory to own for the coolest sunday brunch you’ll ever host.

Dispenser with chalkboard ⋅ Pepperfry

White Plates 

You can never go wrong with touch of classic. These white plates are a grand step towards a beautifully set table. No doubt your folks will relish the food, but they’ll relish what they see even more. 

White Plates ⋅ Pepperfry

Table Mats 

Another one of the thing’s that can change the way your table looks. This set of vintage table mats set the mood for that long lazy sunday meal. Easy to fit with any crockery and every table’s dream.

Table Mats ⋅ Pepperfry

Ice Tray 

Add that surprise element to your guest’s drinks and make the pretty cocktails look even prettier. These lemon ice trays are fun and something that won’t be easily forgotten.

Ice Tray ⋅ Pepperfry

Mason Jars

Mason jars make us happy because of how they can instantly raise the ‘pretty quotient’ just about anywhere. Apart from looks, there are so many ways to use them – salad in a jar or plain simple beer, pretttttay perfect for anything, just bring it on! 

Mason Jars ⋅ Pepperfry


These bright floral coasters can bring life to any boring old table. They’re so gorgeous, you won’t even realise you kept them to keep the stains away. 

Coasters ⋅ Pepperfry

Martini Glasses

Owning a set of these are a must. Sunday brunches are never complete without a toast and what a fun way to do it. These sleek glasses add sophistication to your cool as cucumber afternoon. 

Martini Glasses ⋅ Pepperfry

Dessert Cups 

The best way to end any meal is to give it the sweetest ending. These dessert cups are spot on spectacular and super useful to serve any kinda dessert. The clear glass is the cherry on top! 

Dessert Bowls ⋅ Pepperfry