Step Up Your Desi Style With Jutti Shoes This Festive Season

The coming months mark the beginning of the festive season and the season of lots of parties, celebration and the oh so fun melas. Add ethnic shoes to your festive look and get ready to fully flaunt your desi side. With online shopping, you’re only a few clicks away from putting your best foot forward.

Hot Pink Perfection

These bright pink jutti shoes will brighten up any gloomy day. The intricate gold sequins work will compliment your traditional outfits in the best possible way! We wonder, if this isn’t love at first sight, then what is? 

Silk Jutti ⋅ Coral Haze

Not so Mellow Yellow

These sun kissed deep yellow jutti shoes add just the right feel to your feet. They’re festive, trendy and traditional. They’re basically all you need to jazz up that outfit of yours. 

Yellow Embellished ⋅ Coral Haze

Full On Quirky

If you’re not feeling traditional, or want to just have fun, or simply hoping to stand out,  go for this quirky foot candy. The muted colours balance out the bold design, making this an elegant choice!

Pink Embellished ⋅ Coral Haze

Go Traditional 

This pair of traditional jutti shoes is beautiful and super comfy! You’re guaranteed to have happy feet even after a night of crazy dancing. 

Pink Embellished ⋅ Coral Haze

Subtle Contrasts 

Go bold without feeling too bold. These peach silk jutti shoes lay the perfect ground for the pastel blue hues. Easy breezy and oh so fresh! 

Peach Embellished ⋅ Coral Haze

Colour Of The Season

The word has it, grey is the new trendy! These jutti shoes are super chic for that night of celebration and traditions. Don’t worry about matching your outfits with your footwear, just get set colour blocking!

Grey Embellished ⋅ Coral Haze

Brilliant Beige 

Your festive shoe rack is never complete without evergreen beige slips ons. Ditch these to a pair of high heels and stay comfortable without having to compromise on style. 

Beige Embellished ⋅ Coral Haze