Quick Tips To Quirk Up Your Work Desk & Make It More Fun

We spend a major part of our day at the office and well, more so, glued to our desks. It is the place where our ambitions are scribbled on various post its and a place that sees our mental breakdowns. It’s only fair that we decorate it in a way that reflects us, including our goals and moods. Here’s a list of products you can easily shop online to make your work desk more fun!

Cute Picture Frames

The best way to add a personalised touch to your desk is to do it with pictures. This frame is cute and quirky, it’ll instantly add that brightness to your space!

Pineapple Photo Frame ⋅Chumbak

Pretty Stationery 

Who says you have to use the boring supplies provided to you at work? Swap out those dull brown notebooks for something that fits your personality. Something that’s more fun. Trust me, there’s nothing better than colourful diaries to make you want to get workin’. 

Happy Days Notebook ⋅ Daily Objects

Funky Laptop Bags

Skip the boring sleeves and get your peppy side out. Go for prints, go for brights, go for the funky. They’re also great for identifying your laptop in the sea of laptops at work!

Aztec Cats Laptop Sleeve ⋅ Chumbak

Quirky Mason Jar

Mason jars are just about perfect for that on the go caffeine boost or your daily detoxifying juice routine. Don’t let your busy schedule burst your passion for healthy sipping. 

Owly Mason Jar ⋅ Chumbak

Vibrant Vase 

You’ll feel refreshed by simple little curios like this one tucked in the nooks of your work desk. Made from ceramic, the peppy colours will lift up your mood and make your mundane mondays much better. 

Decorative Bowl ⋅ Chumbak

The Cravings Box

Imagine if you had a box of cookies and chocolates at work, just something to munch on a bad day, or a tiring one? Or when you’re craving for something sweet? Open this box to happiness and give yourself that energy boost.

Sweet Tooth Box ⋅ Chumbak ⋅

Colourful Cup 

And last but definitely not the least, the simplest way to up your desk game is by adding this colourful cup for those chai and coffee breaks that keep you going. 

Printed Ceramic Mug ⋅ Chumbak