Ways To Get Over A Bad Break Up

Breaking up is always hard. Even if the relationship wasn’t the best, splitting is the worst. It can literally alter your day to day life and has emotional repercussions that can send you to away in the arms of depression. But you know what? When something isn’t keeping you happy, you gotta suck it up and move on. Here are a few ways to turn your teary days into the most fun ones.

Accept & Let go 

The moment you realise that the most important person in your life has kissed you goodbye is devastating. And that’s the feeling we tend to avoid. The sooner we realise it, the sooner we’ll get over it. The first step getting over something is to accept it’s over and allow yourself to moan. 

Treat Yourself

Remember that time when you were craving Italian, your partner was in a mood for Chinese and you happily made that compromise? Well, relationships are full of such compromises! So invest your time doing things that you’ve always to do and the things that give you utmost happiness. Like, pursue that hobby, go to your favourite ice cream place or just watch your favourite movie! 

Surround Yourself With The People Who Love You 

We all know there’s an insanely tough balance to keep between going out with your partner and having a girl’s night out, especially with the tiresome work schedule. The harsh reality is that our friends take a back seat and the partner becomes our life. Distancing yourself is the start of a lonely start. It’s important to catch up with your friends and meet family more often. Keep yourself involved with the people who care.

Shop online and shop some more

Shopping is the biggest stress buster and you need to allow yourself to splurge. There’s nothing more comforting than shopping online while you’re all cuddled up in bed. Buy that expensive dress or get those gorgeous shoes. Self indulgence is the key! Trust me, no aching legs, all you’ll have is that big bright smile.

Get drunk (Not everyday)

Text a few friends and meet them at the bar. Play dress up, look confident and get ready to have some fun. Have a few tequilas and let your guard down. You may start to feel sad but then, there’s no better way to vent. Talk about it and forget about it. Dare you to the dance the night away! 

Get Groomed

Break ups often leave us feeling unworthy and hopeless, so the best way to cope is to look and feel confident. Remember how you’ve been postponing your trip to the gym? Wait no more. Just sweat it out! Go to the salon and get experimenting! Give yourself that much needed pampering. 

Get Back Out There

Just because this didn’t work out, doesn’t mean it never will. Get back out there and have fun. Go out on dates and meet new people, making new friends is always a great idea. Forgive yourself and forget the past.