Choose Your Friends How You Choose Your Clothes

The most ideal way of choosing your friends is how you actually shop. One should select carefully by keeping in mind these three things: Value, style and most importantly how something will add to your existing pile of clothes. Like the pieces in everyone’s closets, there are classics, some ooze comfort and are perfect for everyday wear and some we eventually outgrow.

The Mini Skirt Friend

You know how a short skirt comes in handy on the weekends? Well, this friend does too. Whatsapp her “wanna go for cocktails?” and she turns up quicker than you say tequila. This one has to be your go to for hair and makeup advice.

Sequinned Mini Skirt ⋅ Forever 21

The Backpack Friend

This one’s a keeper! This friend can handle all your baggage. She’s been there a long time and she will forever.

Velvet Backpack ⋅ Forever 21

The Ripped Jeans Friend 

Like when you put on a pair of good jeans, she’s the friend who just fits. And someone you could never get bored of. Someone your mom warned you about but also your safety net.

Ripped Jeans ⋅ Dorothy Perkins

The High Boots Friend

Like the one that never goes out of style, she’s the friend you can’t miss in a crowd. Her passion can be intimidating but always contagious.

High Boots ⋅ Dorothy Perkins

The Choker Friend 

You know how you can pair up a choker with anything and everything? She’s the one who gels with everyone. She loves to socialize and is sure to never let you down.

Heart Shaped Choker ⋅ Oomph