Best Home Decor Ideas For All You College Going Peeps 

Make the temporary little house your own home by being tricky and spending less money. Here are a few things you can shop online to add fun and break that boredom in your bedroom. 

Pretty Little Lamp

For all those all nighters or the mornings you don’t want to get out bed, make sure to have a lamp on the side table. Light up your room in the prettiest way possible and never be afraid to add a pop of pastels.

Iron Table Lamp ⋅ Pepperfry

Fun Fridge Magnets 

Quirk up your kitchen will these colourful fridge magnets. Possibly the cutest and the cheapest way to make your kitchen more fun. How cool are these?! 

Multicolour Fridge Magnets ⋅ Pepperfry

A Vase Is Always A Good Idea

One thing that remains standard is this! Add a few scented stems and place this vase literally anywhere, it goes with everything. In the middle of those emotional nights or a tiresome day, just take a break and take in the fragrance.

Aqua Glass Vase ⋅ Pepperfry

Mirror Is A Must

There’s literally no denying in how unsatisfying it is to not have a full length mirror and it just takes good a little far away from your mood. But hey! Here’s a solution, it’s is the cheapest you’ll find, no nails required, just buy and place. 

Wooden Floor Mirror ⋅ Pepperfry

Laze Around On The Lounger

Add a touch of style to your cozy living with this chocolate colour lounger. Its high density beans give you the utmost comfort you require after a long stressful day. Just hop on and relax!

Bean Bag Lounger ⋅ Pepperfry

Pop Of Colour

Fill your home with a lot of love and even more memories! Capture your perfect moments and place them right where you can always see them. Add a pop of brights and get reminded of all the happy times.

Calendar On The Wall ⋅ Pepperfry

Awesome Wall Calendar

Planning your life was never so much fun! Give your room a trendy makeover and make you life more systematic than ever.

Calendar On The Wall ⋅ Pepperfry

Quirky Wall Shelves

Quirk up your wall with these colourful shelves and use them to organise your daily essentials. They’re perfect for smaller rooms as they give you good storage without taking away too much space.

Hexagon Wall Shelves ⋅ Pepperfry