Best Bar Accessories Your Home Bar Needs

Now setting up a home bar is just a few clicks away! Create the perfect set up with these essential modern bar accessories.  Here’s your checklist of all that you can shop online to get your drinking nights started.

Bottle Cooler 

If you’re not space constrained, this cabinet is just what you need. They are designed to have the perfect temperature range for chilling the beverages in order to retain their best taste! The classic combination of black colour and stainless steel makes it suitable for any space. It’s lock and key system makes it too good to be true.

Lacquer Tissue Box ⋅ Pepperfry

Pint Chiller 

If you’re looking for something more compact, meet the coolest, strongest and the most macho looking ice bucket ever made. It’s a great addition to your mini bar and perfect for those binge beer afternoons. 

Stallion Chiller Bucket ⋅ Pepperfry

Peg Measure

Right measurement is important in every aspect of life. And it’s equally important when it comes to making drinks. Add this to your home bar to measure your liquor in style! 

Mosaic Jigger Peg Measure ⋅ Pepperfry

Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

Add a touch of class to every drink you drink! These steel cubes freeze faster and keep your drinks cooler than regular ice. No dilution, no watery taste, and lets your drinks last longer. It’ll be the star of your home bar. 

Stainless Steel Ice Cubes ⋅ Pepperfry

Drinking Quotes Coasters 

With the the perfect combination of fun and utility, add a tad of quirky and keep the table stains away! They’re great for that happy hour at home.

Drink Quotes Coasters ⋅ Pepperfry


Every home bar needs a corkscrew, not only does this do the job, but it does it in style. Now pop open a bottle of bubbly or uncork your favourite vintage and let the celebrations begin! 

Corkscrew ⋅ Pepperfry

Shot Glasses 

A party is never complete without those guilty shots and a home bar is always incomplete without these shot glasses. The crystal clear feel will give your bar that much required elegance. Super classy and fit well in every setting. Now lets all cheers to that, shall we?

Shot Glasses ⋅ Pepperfry