Tiny Life Changes You Need To Make To Get Your Best Body Ever

If you’re goal driven and remain focussed under pressure, then right now is the time to start. With the wedding season right around the corner, make these easy life changes to achieve those body goals, along with flaunting your glowing skin and lustrous hair. After all, it’s never too late to start walking towards a healthier you!

Maintain A Food Journal 

Replace your mindless munching to picking up a pen and writing down your day to day food routine. Skipping meals, or binge eating, this practice is the perfect solution as it’ll definitely help you make the right changes in your diet.

Skip Through Commercials 

Leave behind the couch potato in you and get set moving! Skip snacking and get skipping. Go down the stairs back and forth or just take a quick run around the house, do anything that restricts you sit at one place the whole time. Best way to give yourself that teeny target and achieve miraculous results. 

Think Thrice Before You Eat A Treat 

This is the most simple way (eventually) to resist temptations and curb your cravings. Before you dive into a pool of junk, take a minute to see it, then a minute to smell it. Go in for a small little bite and enjoy it melt in your mouth super slowly. Satisfy your taste buds without altering your diet.

Choose Fruits over Juices 

Not only will your body receive more heart healthy fibre, it’ll also burn down your feeling of wanting more. Yes, that’s a fact. You might want to accompany your juice will a snack but eating that fruit instead will keep your stomach full. 

Mini Strength Routine 

The basic body strengthening exercises like squats, crunches, lunges and push ups will boost your metabolism in a few minutes. It’s not to tough to include these mini workouts in your day to day routine. Up your sets everyday, feeling motivated and fresh.