A Five Minute Make Up Routine Is Just What You Need!

As much as we love makeup, we’re lazy, sleepy or just busy. Having said that, none of us are bold enough to claim we #wokeuplikethis. From one sleeping beauty to another, here’s a five minute miraculous make up routine that’ll get you out the door feelin’ fly, (maybe) on time. And getting your hands on these products is just one online shopping spree away!

Customary Concealer 

After you’re done moisturising your skin, your first step is to dap a few drops on your discoloured skin, blemishes and spread it evenly. Once you’ve quickly done that, you’re morning face is ready for step 2! 

Concealer ⋅ Bobby Brown

Flaunt The Foundation

To fasten the process of applying foundation without encountering any disasters on your way, is to put tiny dots of it all over your face and smudging them smoothly using a foundation sponge. After step 2, your skin colour will appear even, giving you a neat and glowing face. 

Foundation ⋅ MAC
Foundation sponge ⋅ Natio

Bring On The Blusher 

Step three is the most easy but crucial. After your skin is completely even, give your cheeks a pop of pink. Smiling ear to ear, apply the blusher in an upward motion. Once you’re all done, it’s time to quickly move onto the next and the final step. 

Desert Rose Blush ⋅ M.A.C
Blusher Brush ⋅ M.A.C

Luscious Lipgloss 

Step five is all about giving your lips that much needed shine and of course, the colour. Get your favourite glossy pout and you’re all set to step out. 

High Shine Lip Gloss ⋅ Bobbi Brown